Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lakeside High School Graduation

Sunday, May 20th - Summit Arena - 3:00 p.m.



Lakeside Elementary Expansion

Lakeside School District has grown over 200 students in the past two years.  We added three classrooms in grades K-4 last year alone.  We are now out of classroom space in the elementary schools and we must start building to accommodate growth.  The new building will connect to the Intermediate and Primary Schools and will add over 20,000 square feet of elementary building space with a victorious election.  This building would house between 16-20 new classrooms, offices, bathrooms etc.  This building is a must for our students.  We are simply out of room and without a new building we will have to bring in portable buildings.  This would be the major project of this proposal.

Track update

We desperately need a new track.  We had to cancel all home track meets this year due to the condition of the present track. The track has several layers coming up and we feel it is unsafe to conduct a track meet until the track is replaced.  The continued deterioration of the current track will eventually hamper school use as well as public access. Over time this will become a safety issue for everyone.

Tennis Courts, Dressing Facility and parking lot for tennis, baseball, and softball.

We have arguably the best tennis teams in the state of Arkansas but we currently do not have quality on-site tennis courts.  We would like to provide an on-site tennis court complex which would be accessible to all students in grades K-12 for classes and practice as well as being made available to the public.  Currently our tennis teams are using a private facility. An on-site facility would provide them unlimited access to the courts.  We believe more students will learn to play a quality life long sport, which will add to their overall health and well being.

The baseball, softball and tennis teams currently do not have dressing facilities.  We would like to provide them with quality dressing facilities. This facility would be located across Lakeside Road from the Historic building just south of the Bistro.  We would have a parking lot at this area for tennis, softball and baseball fans. 

Austin Field Improvements

The band department requested putting an artificial turf on Austin Field for the following reason.  The band does not have a regulation size field to conduct practice.  They currently practice on a parking lot about half the size of a regulation size field and this causes the band to be at a disadvantage for competition. Regular grass fields cannot withstand high traffic.  Because of wear and tear, the present field can only be used approximately ten hours a week. This is the combined usage time of all groups including band, sports teams, community groups, etc. An artificial surface would allow our band to maximize their practice time because they could be on the field everyday.   It is important to note that the present band practice/parking lot may have a new building on it in the next ten years.  We have a building planned for this spot in our ten year Master Plan. The artificial turf will also benefit our physical education classes and other extra curricular groups because the field can be used every period, every day. A ticket booth would be constructed to give our personnel a safe place to take up money and get out of the weather.  The present press box at Austin Field is inadequate. This field upgrade would also include a new press box which will enable us to provide a space for radio and TV stations, scouts, score board personnel and coaches. 

Taxes will not increase

This proposal will not increase the tax rate for the Lakeside School District.  This is a win/win for our students and tax patrons.  Even though we are not asking for any increase in the tax rate, this election is required because we are restructuring our debt and extending it out past its present call date. This is a rare opportunity to provide our students with quality facilities without a tax increase.  Our tax rate this past year was 36.6 and this year it will only be 36.2. The rate will not change because of the election.  Again, we are simply asking the voters to allow us to restructure and extend our debt.

  Vote Tuesday May 8

  Polling Site: Lakeside Historic Building


Arkansas Benchmark Exams

   EOC Geometry--April 24 & 25

 EOC Algebra--April 26 & 27


Four-Year-Old Program

2007-2008 School Year

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THV Golden Apple

2006 Golden Apple Award Winner
 The Golden Apple Award is given to the top 10 public school districts in Arkansas that have
achieved academic excellence based on district-wide results on state mandated testing. 
Lakeside is proud to be ranked fourth in the state for the second time.

Lakeside Schools are fully accredited by the Arkansas Department of Education

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