Thursday, December 13, 2007

PTO Volunteer Opportunities

© Attend Monthly JR/SR High PTO Meetings!   PTO meetings are always held iin the JR High Library at 2:00pm in the JR High Library.  Everyone is welcome to attend...moms, dads, grandparents, etc

© Participate in Teacher Appreciation.  PTO Building Coordinators organize special meals for our teachers during Parent/Teacher conferences (October & February).

  • Grade Representatives coordinate monthly hospitality snacks for our teachers in the teachers lounge the first Tuesday of every month.  If you are willing to provide a food item on these occasions please contact your Building Coordinator.
  • A money donation of $5-10 is also appreciated.  See membership envelope.

© Student Special Needs are provided by the PTO. Contact the PTO president, if you are willing to purchase school supplies and/or clothing items for a child in need.  PTO also adopts Lakeside families, through the guidance counselor, at Christmas.  A money donation is also appreciated.  See membership envelope.

© Health Screening. The PTO volunteers along with school nurses to provide hearing, vision, and Scoliosis screenings. CPR training and the Abstinence by Choice program is also facilitated with PTO volunteers. No experience is needed but please note if you have special training.  Contact the PTO Health Coordinator to volunteer.

© Special events are often staffed by PTO volunteers.  Contact your PTO President if you would like to assist with the Physics Fair, Bird Festival, or Lakeside Blood drive. PTO provides persons for Text book review committees, parent involvement meetings, and other special needs of the district.

© PTO also provides $$$ teacher grants for additional learning tools in the classroom, donates yearly to the JR and SR High Libraries, supports Project Prom, Girls and Boys State, and publishes a college handbook which is distributed to every High School Senior.

Thanks to Our Volunteers!