Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bauer, Susan,  The story of the world

Bauer, Susan,  The Story of the World vol.2:The Middle Ages

Heyman, Richard,  How to say it to teens

Hirsch, E.D.,  Cultural Literacy

Levine, Mel,  A mind at a time

Levine, Mel,  The myth of laziness

Pipher, Mary,  Reviving Ophelia

Pollack, William,  Real boy

Simmons, Rachel,  Odd girl out

Sykes, Charles J.,  Dumbing down our kids


Growing up drug-free,   by  The United States of America Department of Education

Marijuana: facts parents need to know , by National Institute of Health

Protect you child from drugs , by Arkansas Department of Health

Talking with your child about alcohol and other drugs ,  Arkansas Department of Health