Thursday, December 13, 2007


Pursuant to standards adopted by a non-resident school board a non-resident district may reserve the right to accept and rejectapplicants based on capacity of programs, class, grade level, or school building. LIkewise, a non-resident district's standards may provide for the rejection of an application based upon the submission of false or misleading information to the above listed request forinformation when that information directly impacts the legal qualifications of an applicant to transfer pursuant to the School Cholice Act. However, a non-resident district's standards shall not include an applicant's previous academic achievement, athletic or other extracurricular ability, handicapping conditions, English proficiency level, or previous disciplinary proceedings, except that an expulsion fromanother district may be included pursuant to Ark. Code Ann. §6-18-510. Priority will be given to applicants with siblings attending thedistrict. The non-resident district shall accept credits toward graduation that were awarded by another district and award a diploma to a non-resident applicant if the applicant meets the non-resident district's graduation requirements. This applicantion must be filed in the non-resident district or postmarked no later than July 1 of the year in which the applcant would begin the fall semester at the non-resident district.



Please contact Rick McLaughlin, assistant superintendent, if you have any questions. 501-262-1880